Unique Methodology

Aadhya offer up to 60% cost savings to our clients in all their software and business solutions with projects managed by our highly efficient team members and executed at our international standard state-of-the art software development center in India.

Companies around the world have realized that to remain ahead of their competitors, they need to provide the best quality, reduce costs, use the latest hi-tech skills and be reliable and innovative. Our clients are able to derive all these benefits through our professional, on-time, efficient and quality services executing from a low-cost environment.

International Standard Quality:

At our state-of-the art software development center, we have established and implemented a proven quality management system at Six Sigma Quality levels. Our quality standards ensure that we hire a competent team, maintain high levels of employee satisfaction, and follow superior software development, management, and operational processes.

We implement a proven quality management system at Aadhya Solutions. Quality and exceeding customer expectations form the center of our core ideology.

Aadhya Solutions utilizes strict ISO and SEI-CMM quality standards. Our methodology and quality standards are constantly revised to assimilate new tools and best practices.

Cost Savings:

Cost savings to our clients, because we operate from low cost infrastructure in India. Aadhya Solutions has lots of financial flexibilities because of its offshore development center in India, where there is a large pool of excellent programming talent, which can be hired for a very low cost. This allows us to pass along savings to its customers so that our customers can offer their services and products at reduced costs and maintain their ability to compete in tough markets.

As an added benefit, our customers are able to have access to far superior IT talent on a project-oriented basis, freeing up corporate resources to maintain full employment of local workers in their areas of core competency.

24x7x365 Service:

As we provide BPO and call center services, we work round the clock 24x7x365 to serve our clients in these areas. Also with a virtual 12-hour time difference between India and USA offers our clients speed, flexibility, and round-the-clock productivity.

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