Unique Methodology

Aadhya Solutions unique 5D Methodology is a proven process that governs and directs all the diverse skills and expertise of our project teams from the initial project definition to final solutions delivery. The 5-D methodology consists of five distinct, clearly delineated stages - discovery, definition, design, development, and deployment that provide clients with clear expectations of both the engagement process and the solutions to be provided.

Discover - Aadhya Solutions collects information relevant to the project objective and carries out market research, industry analysis, and competitive analysis in order to learn the client's business by talking to the clients at length. This stage includes consolidating System Requirement Study (SRS) documents.

Define - Based on research, past experience, and shared knowledge of our professionals, we develop strategies to define and implement the project. This is includes Software Requirement Analysis (SRA) and Software Development Process Definition.

Design - The specifications of the product/project are designed in this stage. A prototype complete with sample screens, design document consisting of Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Data Flow Diagrams (DFD), and schema of the databases and relations, is presented to the clients for review.

Develop - This phase focuses on building the elements required in implementing the product/project. This stage includes creative production, technical development, quality assurance, and documentation of the products /projects.

Deploy - The methodology adopted by Aadhya Solutions enables it to effectively serve its clients by meeting client expectations; promoting consistent and efficient service; combining strategic, creative, and technical capabilities minimizing the time it takes to deliver the service; and establishing best practices to be followed throughout Aadhya Solutions.

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