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Aadhya Solutions is a premier end-to-end software and business solutions organization providing a wide range of technical and business solutions. Our offerings include Software Services, Products, Content Center Services, IT Consulting and Co-Product Development with our customers. We deal with all our customers as a partner and facilitate them with one stop solution for all their software and business needs as well as to reduce costs.

Aadhya has a proven track record with notable customers from varied industries across the globe. We concentrate on adding value to the customer by creating and/or improving on their existing business systems with our creative and innovative solutions. Aadhya operates in a very cost-effective way, largely due to its efficient planning, design practices, development methods, implementation strategies, specific choices in using technology and, of course, offshore facilities. This cost-effectiveness carries over to the customer, who will find our prices very competitive - and our results are very professional.

Aadhya Solutions is a group of business people, engineers and technical experts who know and understand top-notch management strategies, world-class technology and the value provided to our customers. We are a strong dedicated team of professionals who are inspired by the goal to innovate, excel and take the responsibility of adding value to our esteemed clientele. Our team has proven expertise in management consulting, technology, business consulting, marketing, design, education, publishing, and branding.

Consulting team of Aadhya helps its customers explore offshore opportunities, setting up state-of-the-art offshore software development centers, call centers, content centers, business centers etc in India. We help our customers from SWOT analysis to locating the best vendors for infrastructure, recruiting excellent human resources for offshore operations, handling all legal issues in setting up operations in India etc.

Aadhya has its strong and loyal customer base in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Middle-East and other countries in European and Asia-Pacific region. We have successfully accomplished a diverse set of business and technology solutions that helped our customers to boost their profits and enrich their customer base.

Aadhya has its corporate headquarters in India with offices in USA and UAE.

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